IPv6 connections, testing

IPv6 connections, testing

04 Feb, 2015 11:13

Garteus <Network Administrator>



Over the past few months it have come to our attention that there are quite a few of you that would like to use our services with IPv6.

As a response to your needs, we have decided to allow IPv6 connections to one of our leafs, Exnet FR.

To connect with IPv6, simply use the following address: ipv6.irc.tl.

If we are satisfied with the outcome of this test, we will look into adding permanent IPv6 solution to all of our servers.

Happy IPv6-ing!
IRC Announcement

07 Feb, 2015 06:05

Constantine <Regular User>


Sounds nice thanks for the info :)

08 Feb, 2015 15:50

linuxthefish <Regular User>


Thanks Garteus for listening to suggestions, IPv6 is the future.


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