Connection issues with Ultra Host

Connection issues with Ultra Host

08 Aug, 2015 08:12

Potassium <IRC Operator>


Hi guys,

If you currently host a SA-MP server with Ultra Host, and use their servers to echo your SA-MP chat into an IRC channel on our network (through echo bots), your bots will not be able to connect at the moment.

Due to the high amount of users that Ultra Host hosts on their servers, some of the echo bots are flooding our network due to an issue with the SA-MP IRC plugin, and therefore the Ultra Host IPs have been banned until the issue is fixed.

We have been informed by users that the Ultra Host owners might be inactive at the moment, but we need to speak with them to resolve the issue, so the IPs will remain banned until they respond to our messages.

In the meantime if you, or someone you know, runs a SA-MP server through Ultra Host, and has echo bots on our network, please read this thread on the SA-MP forum and fix your scripts as soon as possible so that we can get this issue sorted:

We apologise immensely for the inconvenience, and recommend that you open support tickets with your host so that they realise how urgent this issue is. Or, alternatively, switch to a new host.

Thank you for your time, we hope this is resolved soon.

Kind regards,
Potassium on behalf of the IRC.TL staff
Support ultra host


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