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New IRC Operator

08 May, 2017 16:38

Garteus <Network Administrator>


Hi y'all!

With summer closing in on us and holidays coming up, I have decided to bring in some new blood into the administration team.

Without further ado, I'd like to welcome Evocator as an IRC Operator of

I'm sure he'll be a great addition to the network, serving you as an Operator.

Your sincerely,

RE: New IRC Operator

09 May, 2017 16:43

DowDaw <Regular User>


Congratulations! You deserve it, have fun mate ;)

RE: New IRC Operator

09 May, 2017 17:01

Captain <Regular User>


Congratulations! You're very focused on your work, you deserve the best! :-)

RE: New IRC Operator

10 May, 2017 01:35

Potassium <IRC Operator>


Much deserved, welcome to the teammmmmmm my friend!


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